Access Green Energy Audits

The primary concern of an energy audit is to reduce energy consumption while maintaining or improving comfort, health and safety. An audit seeks not just to identify the sources of energy use, but to categorize them according to the greatest to least cost effective opportunities for energy savings, ultimately making the building easier and cheaper to operate.

An energy audit of a home will involve an interview with the occupants, and examinations of various characteristics of the building structure, including the walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, and skylights. Field visits will include inspecting heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment, and thermostats, as well as any other individual problems that may occur. Our certified professionals will then use equipment such as blower doors and infrared cameras to pinpoint the exact problem areas, and the nature of the issues themselves. We will then create a detailed report of our findings and recommendations (our “Blueprint for Savings”), which will arrive approximately two weeks after the visit. A Blueprint is a computer analysis created via accredited software using the results of the home tests and comparing them with industry-norms, to ultimately determine which areas of the home need the most improvement. Photos of problem areas and thermal imagery from the infrared photos will be included in the report.
The entire inspection process (evaluation and consultation) takes about 2 hours to complete, and costs $200.

A visual inspection is not the only thing that will occur. Access Green believes that it’s important to educate homeowners on building efficiency and energy, as well as tips on how to implement do-it-yourself repairs. We can answer any questions you have, so please feel free to ask.

Lastly, our pricing is at a fraction of the cost of our competitors, and it comes with a full money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our audit, for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund, with no strings attached. Period. There’s no better value on the market. Your home is an investment. Access Green can help preserve, if not increase, the value of that investment.