Access Green is in the final stages of developing a product launch for the private commercial sector.

Why would a green energy audit be useful to my company?

All businesses operate with overhead, the biggest cost often being building lighting and insulation. This figure is factored into maintenance expenses: an edifice needs basic utilities to function, but many companies don’t always realize just how substantial this portion of the budget really is. On average, most commercial properties waste 30% of the energy they use. This is money that could go towards increasing profits. Instead, an organization is left with depleted earnings and unwieldy utility bills. What was once considered the costs of doing business is now not only an environmental concern, it’s a financial issue. Going green provides the answer to three major problems any company faces in order to be successful:

  • It increases profits and reduces energy costs
  • It lowers operations and maintenance costs
  • It reduces the business’ carbon footprint


The key to solving this problem is understanding where and how to save energy. It’s easy to turn the lights off when you leave the room, or lower the temperature to reduce heating or A/C expenses, but there are many more ways in which to change a work environment for the better. This is where an energy audit comes in.

The first thing we at Access Green will do is take an in-depth look at a building’s energy use, in order to make ROI recommendations on system upgrades, capital cost recommendations and building behavioral/operational changes. We believe informed clients make for satisfied clients. Our audit process includes using thermal imaging cameras and blower door testing to look at potential leaks in ventilation and insulation, and visual inspection of all on-site appliances and mechanical systems. We will then execute an in-house computer analysis to compare our findings with spec norms. Our BPI-certified engineers will assist in creating a customized plan to maximize energy efficiency. Last but not least, we will implement our Blueprint for Savings plan, which includes do-it-yourself recommendations, tax rebates and strategies for further savings and ongoing maintenance, all at an affordable price.

Whether your company operates from one property or 500, whether you are a major corporation, a small business or a non-profit, Access Green has a solution for your specific goals.