Access Green Lights Up the City, One Mission at a Time

Local energy efficiency company Access Green achieved a record goal

relighting three of the city’s major institutions: Martha’s Table, Howard University and CBRE (Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis). In just four months, Access Green delivered complete assessments of the lighting systems, and installation of updated, higher efficiency fixtures at a subsidized cost.  Director of Operations Grant Tinney made the pitch: since Access Green is a DCSEU-approved contractor, it delivers full service with a significant discount subsidy companies can’t get otherwise.

In July, CBRE contacted Access Green to audit their properties. CBRE is the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm, with its own audit and procurement program. However, as a government-sponsored business, Access Green has the ability to offer services at a bargain price.

Howard University discovered Access Green via their lighting distribution contacts. The university had 6-8 dorms with severely outdated lighting. They contacted DCSEU about cost-efficient service. From July through September, the Access Green engineering teams did a complete overhaul, from the initial energy audits to thorough upgrades of every dorm’s light fixtures.

In August, Director Grant Tinney contacted Martha’s Table. For thirty years, Martha’s Table has been a champion of the city’s impoverished, providing food and clothing, as well as nutrition classes and health services. However, as a non-profit, its budget wouldn’t cover a new lighting system at full price. Tinney brought in Access Green engineers to assess and replace the building’s fixtures, allowing Martha’s Table to continue its work without fear of an additional overhead.

Based on Access Green’s efforts over 2012 lighting retrofits at MT, HU and CBRE, it was able to show an overall annual reduction of 1,278,027 kilowatts and $1,533,640.